Dezi K - Session Vocalist

For Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Hooks/Harmony Vocals or Jingle Work.

Have you got a project that needs Vocals?

Dezi K has a set up studio working via

Pro Tools or Logic Pro X so can record lead vocals for your music whether its for a Single Project, Song, Full album, Jingles, Harmony Work or Hook Lines for your Loop or Beats. Whatever you need!!  Dezi K also can add those missing backing vocals you are wanting to fatten up your track.

Dezi K is also a songwriter so if you are needing lyrics and melodies to your project she can make that happen as well.

If you make your own Beats/Loops and need great vocal hooks/melodies to complete your tracks Dezi K can also come to the rescue. Dezi K has a great recording studio to be able to create good quality clean vocal melodies and hooks to go over your masterpieces. Dezi K can make/record custom made female hooks for you creating melody, lyrics and harmonies or if you already have a melody or lyrics made and need a great voice to sing them Dezi K can create this for you and can get it back to you very fast no matter where you are in the world. You can enquire more in the Contact Page on this site.  Dezi K is happy to negotiate a fee for each individual project.

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