Dezi K

Vocal Coaching Lessons Via Skype or Studio Face To Face.

60mins, 30mins or 90mins Lessons catered to your own desired style. 

Learn how to sing no matter were you are in the world. 

Dezi caters for all age groups and styles except classical/opera. Dezi shows you all the tools you need to get the voice you are looking for.  If you are a beginner or just wanting to brush up on some techniques Dezi can help you.

In under ten lessons Dezi can show you how to go from a beginner to listening to your desired song and sing it like a pro. After she shows you all the tools it is easy.

Most singing teachers will have you coming back year after year to show you how to sing but never really getting you the results you want.  Dezi believes she can get you singing in under ten lessons so why not try a lesson and see via Skype for ease or Dezi can come to your home so you don't have to fight the traffic or pay for parking.

Paying 1 Lesson At A Time:

1 Skype Lesson 60mins $70 Australian per lesson.

1 Skype Lesson 30mins $45 Australian per lesson.

1 Skype Lesson 90mins $110 Australian per lesson.


1 Face To Face Lesson 60mins $80 Australian per lesson.

 1 Face To Face Lesson 30mins $65 Australian per lesson. 

1 Face To Face Lesson 90mins $120 Australian per lesson.    


Remember that you will only need about 10 lessons to get all info and put it into practice and you wont need to have more lessons unless you decided you want them.

Bundle Prices

5 Lessons Paid Up Front are:

Skype Lessons 60mins is $60 per lesson Save $50

Skype Lessons 30mins is $40 per lesson Save $25

Skype Lessons 90mns is $100 per lesson Save $50


Face To Face Lessons 60mins is $70 per lesson Save $50

Face To Face Lessons 30mins is $60 per lesson Save $25

Face To Face Lessons 90mins is $110 per lesson Save $50

Remember you will need around four lessons to get all the information to be able to sing and then around 6 lessons to put it into action. After that you will have all the tools you need.

Each Lesson Payment is done via internet banking transfer before the lesson date if Skype session or Face to Face Lesson if prefer and also cash if its Face To Face Lesson if its easier.

All you need is a computer or laptop or a device that you can set up Skype so you can receive the lessons.  All info and sheets/links will be sent via Skype or your email.

Also Dezi advises you if you are able to record each lesson so you can go over the lessons anytime as many times as you like to listen over
to the information given. 


Mobile Singing Lessons That Come To You!

Catered for you personally no matter where you are in the world.

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